What's a Popl?

What’s a Popl?

Popl is the fastest way to instantly share your social media and contact information with a friend, colleague, client or pretty much anyone with a mobile phone!


Aesthetically, it’s a neat little addition that sticks to the back of your phone and is 3cm in diameter. Available in a number of different colours and either a flat or bubble finish.

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Popl allows you to create your own profile via the Popl app. From here, you choose your username and write your own bio much like you would do with an Instagram or a Facebook profile. Once done, you’ll be prompted to fill in the links to your social media accounts and contact information that you’ll be happy to share. If there’s an account you don’t want to share, you simply leave it blank. Don’t worry, if you change your mind or you want to update something, this can easily be done via the edit tool on your profile.


There’s lots to like about Popl, but one feature that we at Want Mobile love is that no passwords are needed to link your accounts. All you need to do is simply copy and paste the link to the respective social media account you’d like so share. That’s it! It’s that simple! In a world that’s cyber security mad, this is a big win for us and it’s a feature we think you’ll like too!


What can I share with my Popl?

It’s worth noting that the list is growing, but as we write this, the social media accounts or contact information that you can share is listed below.


Another handy feature is its ability to send a ‘Direct’ Popl. In a nut shell, you can preselect any of the links on your profile and choose to send only this to the end recipient. For example, you could be just wanting to share your Instagram account. All you’d have to do is simply reorder the links on your profile so that your Instagram account is at the top. Then turn ‘Direct’ from off, to on and you’re done! Pop away and share that Instagram profile.

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The possibilities really are endless with this. You could be a business owner that wants to share your website, payment details or email address. You could be on a night out and want to share your social media accounts or mobile number. You could have even just made a new playlist that you want to share with friends. I think you get the point! Popl allows you to get creative with how you ‘Pop’!


Do both phones need to have a Popl for it to work?


You’d suspect so, but actually, the answer to this question is no! Only the person sharing the information needs to have the Popl and the profile to go with it. It’s worth noting, that not all phones have the capability to receive the information you’re sending. See our list of compatible devices to see which phones it can be used with. One way around this, is to save your profile QR code to the wallet on your phone. That way, anyone with an older phone that isn’t on the compatible list will be able to scan the code manually and receive the information that way!

Give it a go - scan the QR code below to visit our Popl profile!

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By now you’re probably sold on getting one like we were. In fact, we brought a lot more than one to make it easier for you to get your hands on one right here in the UK! Want Mobile are the first company in the UK to stock and resell Popls so if you’re looking to buy a Popl in the United Kingdom we’ve got you covered. Better yet all Popl orders from Want Mobile include free first class delivery. Buy yours today, and as thank you for getting this far down the post we’ll give you 10% off your first order when you use the code POPLBLOG at the checkout.


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